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Background & Experience

Dr. Michelle Anderson-Draper, EdD, CE

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Michelle has been involved in evaluation for the past 25 years, was one of the first cohorts to receive the professional designation of “credentialed evaluator” from the Canadian Evaluation Society in February 2011. Michelle focuses on initiatives that aim to improve program outcomes for children, youth, families, and communities. Michelle is adept at applying varying evaluation methodologies to meet the needs of a situation, as evidenced by her evaluation experience. Her skills have ensured that research and evaluation findings contribute to providing strategic recommendations. Michelle holds a Doctor of Education in Community Leadership.

Sean Draper

Sean brings over 25 years of experience as a Data Scientist with a focus on information management, data analysis, visual data modelling and application development.  An early adopter of technology, Sean has integrated real-time data collection and feedback tools into AndersonDraper Consulting's focus/workgroup processes, creating dynamic, participant-driven content.  Most recently, Sean has entered the data analysis, dashboarding and reporting phase of database development with Terra Centre for Pregnant and Parenting Teens.  This multi-year project has built capacity within Terra for building and managing their own database.  Sean has extensive experience in survey design across multiple platforms (, google forms, custom-built FileMaker survey tools). 

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