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AndersonDraper Consulting Inc. is an Edmonton-based company that focuses on program and policy evaluation, with specific expertise in community and outcome-based evaluations.


The firm is a partnership between Michelle Anderson-Draper, Credentialed Evaluator, who has been involved in evaluation for the past 20 years and Sean Draper, a certified software developer (MCSD.NET) and data scientist, with extensive research and technology expertise.



Program Evaluation

Much of our work is developmental in nature, providing us with the opportunity to build capacity within organizations we work with and be responsive to emerging issues.  With the integration of technology and a focus on conversations of consequence, our work supports collaboration and innovation. 

Focus Groups & Facilitation

Our focus group facilitation methodology integrates a unique real-time data capture and live feedback processes, stimulating discussion, capturing information and sharing insights live and in real-time.  Our ability to use this technology is enhanced through our strength and track record of more than 20 years facilitating program evaluations.  

Information Management & Data Science

We work with you to build organizational capacity in information management, data analysis, visual data modelling - helping you build the tools to manage your own information.  We help migrate not-for-profit organizations from expensive third-party databases to low or no-cost solutions offered by Google Suites or Microsoft Office 365.  


Technology & Research Integration

Database Design

Application Development

Visual Data Modeling & Dashboarding

Infographic Design

Evaluation Frameworks

Logic Modeling & Theory of Change

Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation (Interviews, Focus Grups, Surveys)

Report Writing

Presentation and Facilitated Discussion of Findings


Group Discussion Facilitation


We bring over 20 years of experience facilitating group discussions using popular traditional processes like dotmocracy or graffiti.  

We also have a suite of technology-based tools to enable real-time feedback (polling, voting, wordle generation) and real-time concept & discussion mapping.

Old school, or new.  We've got you covered.